Over the years, different media talked about the work of Gary Bursey.
Here are some of the publications.
Media Home & Cabin
Parution July 17, 2017
Title The Shaker-inspired fine furniture of Gary Bursey
Author Tobias Romaniuk
Language English
Take a drive down Route 204 to Long Beach and you’ll find a small sign in front of what appears to be a bungalow, letting you know you’ve found the Gary Bursey Furniture showroom. Walking across a wooden bridge to the front door you’ll realize this is really a two-storey building, built into the side of a steep hill that ends at the waters of Trinity Bay. Inside, a showroom of Shaker and Mission inspired furniture in an open space lit by natural light from the large windows. Tables, chairs, dressers, beds, desks and wall-mounted cabinets fill the space, each piece made by Gary...

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The Gazette, December 31, 2010 - HomeFront F-1 Upper part  

Media The Gazette | Montreal
Parution December 31, 2010 HomeFront, Section F
Title Shaker maker on a mission
Author Robert J. Galbraith
Language English


Media Les idées de Ma Maison
Parution March 1995 pp. 31-34
Title L'attachante simplicité du mobilier Shaker
Language French


Media Décormag
Parution November 1994 pp. 30-33
Title Le style Shaker
Author Isabelle Bleau
Language French